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Key duplication

With our key duplication service you can get an extra set of keys, quick and easy. There are plenty of reasons to have an extra set of keys. Think for example of wear out of your current set of keys, extra keys for members of the household or lost keys. In our stores in Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Oisterwijk, we can duplicate almost any type of key for you. Depending on the type of key we can help you directly with the new key. In case of certified keys, the copy of the key can however take some days.

Key duplication in Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Oisterwijk

If you are looking for new keys for your home, the mailbox, a garage box, car or bike, we can duplicate almost every key for you. An already duplicated key can be duplicated again, but in preference, bring the original key to our shop to guarantee the best quality. By bringing the original key you can prevent unnecessary wearing of the lock and the cylinders. The fact is, key duplication is precision work and any (small) deviation can lower the quality of your new key.

Key service in den bosch, Eindhoven and Oisterwijk

With our quick key duplication service and our craftmanship you are guaranteed of a good set of extra keys. However, more and more locks are certified these days. With a certification you are ensured how many keys are circulated for your locks. We are not able to duplicate these keys directly for you, as the process of verification and duplication can take a few days. Next to that, it is necessary to bring the certification to our store. Without this certification, we can not duplicate the key for you.

Key reparation service in Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Oisterwijk

Next to duplication, we are also able to repair broken keys. There is nothing more annoying than broken or inflected keys, especially when it is your last one. We bring the broken key in good shape again, so we can duplicate it. By this process, you have a brand-new set of keys.

Duplication of car keys

Since 1996, car keys are provided with a transponder, also called an immobilizer. Only if your car key has a transponder, you can start the car. The actual key (iron part which is put in the ignition switch) opens the lock in the door and the ignition switch of your car. At the same time, the transponder gives a signal to the engine to start. It is therefore the combination of the key and the transponder to start your car.

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