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About us

De Leermeester is not just a shoe repairstore. In everything we do, our craftsmanship is leading us to the maximum to take care of your shoes.

By carrying out our craftsmanship, we believe that de Leermeester is a unique combination of craftsmanship on the one hand and innovation on the other hand. Examples for our high level of innovation are our unique online shoe repair service, our super quick service for giving you a price offer via whats app and our webshop with a broad assortment of high-quality products for maintaining your shoes. Next to that, we offer a brand-new way of cleaning your shoes.

Masters in craftsmanship


Opening first store

Hans van ‘t Sant opens his shoe repair store in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where his passion for shoes becomes reality.

De Leermeester launches unique shoe sending service

De Leermeester is the pioneer in the Netherlands with a unique shoe sending service.

As the first shoe repair store, the Leermeester starts with this service for customers who do not have the time to visit the store twice for the reparation of their shoes.


Gold on professional shoe repair competition

De Leermeester wins gold on the yearly European competition for shoe reparation!

Gold and silver on professional shoe repair competition

On the yearly European competition for shoe reparation, the Leermeester again wins Gold and Silver!

Nomination for best Shoe Repair store of the Netherlands

For the third time in a row, the Leermeester is nominated for the best Shoe repair store of the Netherlands!

By carrying out our craftsmanship and to maintain the highest possible quality, we proof to belong to the top of shoe reparation. We ended up third of almost 650 shoe stores in the Netherlands.


Two times silver

De Leermeester scores two times the silver medal in the yearly European competion, in the categories ‘Best Shoe repair store in the Netherlands’ and ‘Employer’

Best shoe repair store in Eindhoven

De Leermeester wins the price for best shoe repair store in Eindhoven

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