Schaatsen slijpen


Best cobbler in Eindhoven

By De Leermeester

De Leermeester has been nominated three times in a row for ‘Best Cobbler in the Netherlands’. De Leermeester stands for craftmanship, an excellent service and the highest quality. Whatever is wrong with your shoes or boots, after a renovation they look brand-new again! Next to that, you can visit the store for key duplication and a broad range of maintenance products for your shoes.

De Leermeester can be found at the Rechtestraat 12a, right in Eindhoven’s city center. The cobbler gained its good reputation since 1982 and has been repairing many shoes ever since. Especially for the careful reparation of the higher quality shoe brands such as van Bommel, Boss and Louboutin, customers come from far. These qualitative and design shoes are being repaired with the original materials. Not a quick-fix, but high quality shoe reparation by using the best products available. Whether it is about new heels, repairing stitches or a total leather treatment, De Leermeester gives your shoes a second life in which you can enjoy them for a long time. Next to shoe reparations, you can visit de Leermeester for the duplication of many sorts of keys. Even the computer-controlled transponder car keys are available here. Also, the store has a broad assortment of shoe maintenance products, such as shoe cream of Saphir, slipsoles, shoetrees and the highest quality maintenance products for leather sofas and jackets.

With good craftmanship, almost every shoe can be renovated. So, get your beautiful but damaged shoes out of the closet and bring them to Eindhoven’s BEST cobbler for reparation!